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An easy way to manage your locally installed Caché and Ensemble Instances on OS X

Download Cube



  1. Uninstall any previous installations of Cube
  2. Download the ZIP file and unzip contents
  3. Telnet to an Instance
  4. Move into your Applications directory
  5. Double-click to start it
  6. You will be prompted for your password because Cube needs to install a privileged helper
  7. Cube should now appear in your status menu


  1. Make sure "Start Cube at Login" is disabled
  2. Quit Cube app
  3. Delete the following files in Terminal (will require root): /Library/PrivilegedHelperTools/com.InterSystems.CubeHelper /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.InterSystems.CubeHelper.plist
  4. Restart your system


Not working for you? Before contacting Dave Tong, send him what you know from:



Why am I being prompted for my password?

You are allowing Cube to install the privileged helper to your system's library directory. You should only be prompted for your password once.

What is a privileged helper?

A utility deployed with Cube that has root privileges required for:


Cube is an InterSystems development tool made by Dave Tong

Support or Contact

Please send all support and feature requests to Dave Tong and he will respond at his earliest convenience.